get unready with me! cozy nighttime routine

gurwm.jpgHey hey hey,

first of all if you are wondering where i was for the past week or so (although i highly doubt anyone is) i have been on a little break because i went on holiday (documented everyday in a blog post and i think it will be up next week) and because i felt like i needed to take a break as blogging just didn’t feel right. i didn’t want blogging to feel like a chore but now that i’m back from my well needed break i’m sooo excited to be back at the blogosphere! now that i annoyed you with my unnecessary rambling we can start the actual intro. so today instead of doing a grwm i’m doing a gurwm! because tbh i’m not good with doing grwm’s at all and so i thought this would be fun! and despite the fact that (since it’s summer break) i’m mostly in my pj’s because i’m such a productive teen, i just really liked the idea of this and wanted to do it. and obviously this would be for when i went out or just had a really productive day. and that’s basically all i have to say for this intro so get a cuppa, get cozy and get ready to unwind with me!

After a long day i like to take a shower as i feel it can really help me relax and feel fresh. (and no, i don’t wear makeup so i don’t have to go through the process of wiping my makeup off) i grab my laptop and open youtube (i might have a slight obsession with youtube *laughs nervously*) if there is nothing interesting in my sub box i like to go to my favourite youtubers and check out their old videos, no i’m not creepy. and while i’m watching youtube i take out my phone and check my social media.


and then comes the joy of turning on music and writing some blog posts! i’m trying to write everyday but i have been waking up pretty late so i don’t always have time but i try to dedicate a part of my day for blogging. i really need to get back on my photography game tho i’m just never motivated! but i’ll start working harder from tomorrow. i’m going on holiday next week so maybe i can snap some pictures there, as of the time your reading this i probably got back… today!


and of course what would all of this be without a book? so then i grab whatever book i’m reading and i lay in my bed and have a bookish sit down if that makes any sense. i’m currently reading ‘where she went’ which is a sequel to ‘if i stay’ by gayle forman and oh my gosh i love it! i need to finish it quickly tho (which i will because i’m obsessed!) because i’m really looking forward to reading ‘a beautiful disaster’ by someone i don’t remember. Update: I finished where she went and I can’t wait to start a beautiful disaster but I left it all the way back home!😭 (also if any of you have some book recommendations please be sure to leave them down below)


and then basically i’ll do whatever i want for the rest of the night! so i can maybe turn on some songs, watch more youtube, read some posts or maybe i’ll do all of these things! yeah, i’m most likely Going to do all of these things for the rest of the night. maybe i’ll watch tv… no wait i never find anything on there.   

so i guess we reached the end of this post. and i obviously don’t do this everyday but these are the things i mostly do to relax myself and like… yeah! wow i just realized that even on here i am super awkward… guess i’m full of surprises.





12 thoughts on “get unready with me! cozy nighttime routine

  1. *smiling* I TOTALLY get what you’re talking about! 👍👍I don’t think we’re productive, but we aren’t lazy either, right? *wink wink* Everyday I persuade myself that there’s nothing wrong with doing what I love (my pastimes) 😊🙈 Anyway, I really LOVED this post! ❤️❤️ It was so fun to read! 😁😁

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  2. I relate so much to this oml. I feel like I need to improve my night routine after reading this though haha! As for book recommendations, I loved Something In Between by Melissa De La Cruz, I read it during my summer break in January. xx

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