A massage about equality // tea talk

Hello everybody,

today’s post is a very close one to my heart, it was inspired by the unfairness of this world. pretty sure 90% (no actually 100%) of you know about the serious problems and issues that are happening nowadays and as i sat down and thought about them i couldn’t not grab my notebook and write! thoughts were flying in my head and i just needed to write them down on a piece of paper. i honestly cannot believe what our world has come to! i’m not gonna talk further more because all my thoughts are down below.

Every person has the right to write their own story

Every race, gender and religion has the right to be free

and i as a person have no right to harm you because of them! i may not agree with your choices but at the end of the day i must respect them and i must respect you

who am i to judge, harm or define you? who are you to judge, harm or define me?

you are a creation of god and i am a creation of god. so what makes you better than me and what gives you the right to think so?

one cannot ask for his rights if he does not give another person’s rights

why do you think you are better because god gave you something he did not give me? why do you think you are better because you’re the opposite gender? why do you think you are better because you are white? why do you think you are better because you have a different religion? why do you think you are better because your culture is different than mine?

we SHOULD be equal

i was not born to be your victim and i refuse to die as your victim

i was not born to be less than you and i am not less than you

i will fight

i will fight till the rest of my life

i will fight so we can be equal

i will fight so we can be heard

i will fight so you know we matter

i will fight so you know you are not better.

don’t abuse
don’t bully

don’t kill
don’t harm

don’t judge

    don’t assume

      and don’t try to tear us down because we will fight back harder than ever 

      we must not stop

      we must keep fighting

      we must keep kicking and screaming louder and louder

      until they understand that we are unbreakable

      until they know that we are worth so much

      until we are all equal

      and until we are all safe.

      the way is long

      and it started ages ago

      but as we fight and as we resist

      as we try harder and harder


      one day

      maybe our children, grand children and our families.. even if that’s after 50 years

      can have a safe life

      so don’t stop

      i won’t stop

      we should not stop

      until our voices are heard

      and our homes are safe

      because no matter what


      this empowering post has came to an end, but our fighting must never end. if you have any thoughts kindly leave them down below, i would be more than happy to hear your opinions. all human beings are equal but unfortunately not everyone understands that.. and so we must keep fighting until they do. with all the love,




      7 thoughts on “A massage about equality // tea talk

      1. WOW! 😍😍
        That is all I can say after reading this. Your message is just so..so…powerful. It’s so incredibly touching & true! You’re very brave to write this & share it with the world! I agree with everything you’ve said & I praise you for writing this! ❤️❤️❤️

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      2. This is AMAZING!! I didn’t want it to end. I was brought up to never judge anyone but I find it incredibly difficult to not judge those who make it their life’s purpose to judge others. There is no need for it and all it does is hurt others so the only reasoning behind it is to cause hurt. This post motivates me yet i am angry at those against what you write of. I was going to comment 🙌 as I can’t find the words 😂 this post is so inspiring and was a very brave thing for you to draw our attention to 💗💗

        Liked by 1 person

        1. thank you so much! this comment warmed my heart and made me smile. yes, it’s incredibly pointless and only brings hate to this world. I’M SO HAPPY TO HEAR THAT! (technically read it) i’m angry too but i hope they find the right person to change their point of view. haha! thank you so much i really hope i can help/ inspire or change another person’s way of thinking because of this.

          Liked by 1 person

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