A week in my life 

followmearoundforaweek.jpgHello everybodyyyy,

Today I bring you a week in my life, so this week I’m going on holiday and I thought what a perfect timing to write this post! Now of course you’ll be noticing that this isn’t this week and I don’t think it will be last week either But I had other posts planned and so I decided to post this today! (The date will be written tho) I hope you find this interesting and fun to read. And that’s all I have to say for this intro so let’s get started,

alright alright alright. 

Tuesday July 4:

Today was full of shopping lazing around and watching my favourite Turkish series. I went out with my mom and sisters to get some stuff before we go on holiday! I bought a dress and sandals (keep your eyes  peeled I might do a summer lookbook) and then I went back and planned on packing but because I’m a professional procrastinator I didn’t. So for the rest of the day I was on my laptop and phone but I was seriously tired! (No I wasn’t I was just seriously lazy) 🙂

Wednesday July 5:

It’s official, I need to pack… it’s now or never! I packed because tomorrow I’m going on holiday and I’m sooo excited!!! I practiced guitar a bit and started two new blog posts. And of course I watched the same Turkish series I was taking about!! I also did a bit of reading and I listen to some music along side reading some blog posts. (Like duh!)

Thursday July 6:

I’m going today!! We woke up at about 6:30 ish and I don’t really remember the time we arrived at. And obviously I listened to songs 90% of the way there and when we arrived we just did some cleaning and in that phase when I was bored but couldn’t go out I decided to write some posts! I also read a  bit! *a bit turned out to finishing ‘where she went’*  (So the cleaning took like the whole day and we couldn’t go out until they’re done) and then at night we intended to go see our relatives but we got lost in the way so we just went back to where we were staying😂 I had a walk and just lazed around till the end of the day since there was nothing else to do.

Friday July 7:

A day well spent. I woke up not very late but not early either, we had breakfast and I kind of meditated a bit after that! We went to where my relatives are staying and We hit the pool- and some of them had a walk on the beach (but being the extremely lazy person I am I couldn’t bare to walk) I also have been so inactive today because no wifi and no 4G either so… a rough kinda day.😂 we went back to our place, took a shower and relaxed a bit. I also edited a bunch of posts and wrote some. And then at night we all gathered and sat at a cafe on the beach. It was truly amazing, had so much fun even though I didn’t speak 90% of the time!

Saturday July 8:

Good day? We started out the day pretty early! The whole family came to where we were staying and we went to the ladies pool while men went to a regular pool😂 and then we all head home, relaxed and I watched Harry Potter for a bit! Then we met again and we went for a walk, got back home and.. slept actually! So it wasn’t really that exciting but it was fun.

Sunday July 9:

I woke up at around 9:45 ish and since my cousin was staying with us for today I sat down with her for a bit and we chit chatted.  Then we (again) went to the ladies pool and did the same thing we did yesterday! Then we went back home took a shower and went out to se our relatives in a cafe. I wore my favourite dress (I also took a new profile photo for all the blog stuff) which I LOVE, I recently bought it and it felt so good to finally wear it! It was a truly lovely night.

Monday July 10:

Originally we were planning that each family is going to spend the early part of the day at the place they were staying in but then my uncle called my mum and told her that the beach is great and that we should go and so we went there and it was amazing! We spend about 2 hours there but it was so much better than the pool, i loved spending time there sooo much! I’m one of these gals, I would choose the beach over the pool everyday of the week. Then we went back had a quick shower, got ready and went to this place to eat seafood together. After we finished some of our relatives went back home and some of them came to where we are staying and we just sat there at a cafe then we all went home.

And that wraps up this post I hope you have enjoyed it. I honestly want to do this week over again😭 also quick little reminder that you can nominate my blog in the bloggersblogawards Here. Anyway thank you for reading, I’m gonna end it off here.



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