My summer daytime routine!

mydaytimeroutinepic.jpgHello everyone,

And welcome back to another post! Today I will be doing my summer daytime routine. I thought it would be a little more fun than a regular morning routine. obviously i don’t have an everyday routine so i’m going to be telling you how it usually goes in a couple of different ways. oh and i almost forgot, i’m doing a Q&A soon so please make sure to leave me some questions down below! and if you have any requests or thoughts feel free to also leave them in the comments down below. with that being said i’m going to hop right into it and get started!

I wake up at around 10am and get out of bed as soon as I can actually get up. I wash my face- brush my teeth and all that basic stuff. I brush my hair and make my bed. I make breakfast and I go to my living room and open my laptop, as you may know I have a lil’ obsession with YouTube #noshame so i watch some stuff- while I’m doing that I also like to check my phone and kinda catch up with everything and everyone while eating breakfast. And I kinda just relax for about an hour or so and check my reader to see if there are any interesting posts. and something I really like to do is to watch things that get me motivated, like for example I like watching TNS especially the behind the scenes (i don’t really find all episodes on youtube so that’s a struggle) and the kind of videos where it really shows how much work and effort is put into it and how much the actors&dancers work hard and sacrifice so much and this motivates me and makes me want to work hard on what I love. (Hint hint my blog)

And after motivating myself it’s time to actually do something. it really depends on my mood so if I don’t feel like writing today I would take some photos and if I don’t feel like taking photos I’d write. Some days I don’t feel like either and I don’t want to force myself into doing it because I know that will not bring out the best in me. on the other hand some days i’m really motivated and i do both and today just might be one of those days!

Another thing I like to do is to try and get inspired so I would turn on some calming music and just stare at something beautiful and natural.. at the window.. at the people outside.. at the plants or maybe even at something inside the house! I think this is a great way to get inspired and i either get ideas while doing it or after it. i also like to check other blogs and youtube channels! oh and.. books of course! what do you do to get inspiration?


Anddd I recently started playing the guitar so I try to practise everyday as much as I can and I’m truly lovin’ it! This will usually be around 2-3pm or 3-4pm I don’t know why but I feel like this is the most suitable time for me and I love practicing at that time! can anyone relate?


you can’t go a day without a bit of reading, can ya? ahh i’m reading beautiful disaster as you probably know and so far it’s great! so at this time i curl up in my bed and allow my mind to get lost in the story. what book have you been lost in lately?


So yeah, you can see I’ve been trying to be productive with my life even if I’ll end up doing 2 things a day at least I’m working on myself! and guys oh my god.. everyone is posting back to school content! i don’t know if i should i mean i don’t want to ruin summer for you! let me know when you go back to school so i know when i should start posting back to school posts. once again i hope you have enjoyed this post, au revior!




11 thoughts on “My summer daytime routine!

  1. love this post💖q&a question- what’s your favourite tv show? also i go back to school in september but i love back to school content so anytime is fine😊xx

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  2. Awesome post – I absolutely loved it! I’ve been meaning to take up playing the violin, but life just seems to continue getting in the way!
    How are you liking Beautiful Disaster? I just may have to add it to my brimming TBR pile soon! I just finished reading Sad Girls by Lang Leav which I absolutely loved! I’ve been getting really into YA romance novels lately – it’s probably nostalgia to be back in high school, haha.
    I look forward to reading more from you in the future… Happy Blogging! 🙂

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    1. Yayyy I’m so happy you did! I hope you find the time violin is amazing I’m sure you’ll love it! Ohh I’m really liking it it’s so good, you should definitely! Ooohh ima have to check that out and maybe add it to my veryyy long Tbr list! Yayy! Thank you so much!

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  3. Your summer day routine is simply GOALSSSS! 😍😍 I really adore how you’re doing more of the things you love & enjoy! 😊👍 I go back to school in September (6th to be exact), so maybe I want to see back to school content near the end of August? 🙈

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